Defeat Barack Obama In 2012

This man is slowly destroying our country from within.
He is subverting our Constitution.

Why hasn't he held a press confeence since July 22, 2009?

Where is the transparency?

Why won't he produce his birth certificate?

Why is he spending millions to hide it?

Why won't he release his college transcripts and grades?

Why won't he release his college papers?

What is he hiding?

Perhaps his communist and socialist leanings?

We will not recognize America by the end of his term.

We can stop this disaster in November 2010 by voting his accomplices out of office.

We must vote him out of office in 2012.


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Barack Hussein Obama. Just who are you? Where are you from? What do you believe in?
What do you stand for? Your associate with known terrorists, convicted felons, and racist divisive
clergymen. How can we trust you?

Why haven't you released your college transcripts and thesis? What are you afraid of? Did you
just squeak by, or maybe you wrote a radical thesis that you do not want us to see?

At the end of your acceptance speech, you said you were your brothers keeper.
If that is the case, then why are you keeping him in a shack in Africa?

These seem to be questions that millions of Americans want to know the answers to.
Where were you born? Are you even a citizen of The United States Of America?
According to the Phillip Berg lawsuit, you are not.
There are also some other allegations we have no answers to about you being a citizen.
Will you address this? Is Obama a US citizen?

What qualification do you have to lead our great country. You were a community organizer.
Sounds kind of Chicagoan to me.
You are a U.S. Senator for two years. Nineteen of those months you have spent campaigning.
What have you learned in five months in the Senate? You voted "present" 130 times instead
of taking a yes or no stand. Now that shows leadership.